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Elisha Kent Kane in Naval uniform.General Thomas Kane Kane Manor Auction
230 Clay Street, Kane, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, September 27, 2003
10:00 a.m.

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Previews:  Sunday, September 21, noon-3:00 p.m.
Friday, September 26, 2:00-7:00 p.m.
Saturday, September 27, 9:00-10:00 a.m.

Antiques, Paintings, Prints, Furniture, Historical & Military Artifacts, Real Estate, Bed & Breakfast Inn

Robert J. Connelly, Auctioneer - PA Auctioneer's License AU-002261-E

Selling at 10:30 a.m. in the following order.

M1.  Manuscript -- 7/1/1759 -- French & Indian Wars:
Jacob Hiltzheimer, autographed letter signed, 1 1/2 pages, Carlisle, July 1, 1759 to Captain James Coultas, Philadelphia regarding the delivery of horses in Pennsylvania. James Coultas was related to the Kanes by marriage. Elizabeth Coultas Grey married Thomas Leiper Kane (1745-1825), he was the father of Judge John Kintzing Kane (1795-1858), who was the father of Thomas Leiper and Elisa Kent Kane. This is a wonderful report that brings pre-Revolutionary America to life:

M10: Patriotic letter to Colonel Kane, circa Civil War.
Manuscript M10:  Patriotic letter from Elisha Whitelesey to Colonel Thomas Kane, October 6, 1861. Aging of letter in display case was retarded in upper right quadrant by overlying document.

"This is to aquint [acquaint] you, that we came to Carlisle, with 150 horses the 18 of June 1759, and they are now in good pasture, and in good order, only the shoeing part..." Hiltzheimer goes on to suggest that Mr. Clinton Shoemaker supply the horseshoes "as the 150 horses now have not got 300 shoes left".
EST: $100-200

M2.  Manuscript -- 12/1763-1/1764 -- French & Indian War:
One page, undated, written front and back, signed by James Coultas, a Kane family relative. The letter is concerning the Paxton Volunteers "and bringing the ring leaders of the murderers of the Indians to justice" ... "gentleman I have received orders to march with my volunteers to Lancaster PA to assist..." He goes on "In approaching the ring leaders of such as mustered the Indians, though under the protection of the Government ... I request you will assist me with all your strength as Soldiers and Council..."
EST: $100-200

In the midst of Pontiac's Rebellion, on December 14, 1763, a mob from Paxton, Pennsylvania, raided a tribe of peaceful Conestoga Indians, setting fire to their village and killing six. The mob's purpose was to seek revenge against all Indians, whether or not they were allied with Pontiac. Fourteen survivors fled to Lancaster, where they were placed in protective custody. On December 27, the Paxton Mob stormed the jail and massacred the rest. Benjamin Franklin condemned the act and, fearing genocide, brought several hundred Moravian Indians to safety in Philadelphia. The Paxton Mob descended on the city, only to be turned back by thousands of Philadelphians who were waiting for them at the courthouse. The mob returned to Paxton, in spite of the outrage they caused charges were never brought against them.

M3.  Manuscript -- 2/7/1764 -- French & Indian War:
One page letter, with partial red wax seal, from [uncle] James Coultas to [nephew] William Ibbitson, merchant in Philadelphia, folded so that the verso served as the envelope. Also on verso is "James Coultas, Feb 7 1764".

Coultas writes about his volunteers leaving by ferry and joining up with as many as possible meeting him with their fire locks. He wants good food readied for at least 50 soldiers "...none of your dirty nasty taste or any such trifles..."
EST: $ 100-$150

M4.  Manuscript -- 12/29/1787 -- Kane Family Loan Agreement:
One Page signed Nathan Gibson, of Kingsefsing [sic] Township, County of Philadelphia, dated December 29, 1787 to Abraham Kintzing, papered seal, three signatures. Gibson empowers Jonathon D. Sargeant, Esq. or any other Attorney at the Court of Common Pleas for the County ... to appear on his behalf.

The Kintzing family of Philadelphia was related to Thomas Leiper and Elisha Kent Kane through their father John Kintzing Kane. This loan agreement of 50 pounds, in specia of gold or silver coin, to be repaid with interest on or before 1 April 1789, was also witnessed and signed by Mary Gibson and William Rush.
EST: $200-300

M5.  Manuscript -- 5/3/1853 -- Thomas Kane's Marital Problems:
Thomas Leiper Kane writes about marital problems with his wife Bessie. Thomas Leiper Kane letter, signed, two pages, "Independence Hall" [Philadelphia] May 3, 1853 to William Wood in New York City, with stampless cover. Paper with embossed Kane monogram. Cover with 19th century annotation "first letter from Tom K. after his marriage" and red wax seal.

Colonel Thomas L. Kane writes to his father-in-law about troubles in his recent marriage. Only two weeks earlier Kane had married Elizabeth (Bessie) Dennistoun Wood, a strong-willed woman of intelligence who became one of the first female physicians in Pennsylvania.
EST: $300-500

M6.  Manuscript -- 10/30/1854 -- Regarding the Mormons:
7 pages, letter from Brigham Young to Col. Thomas Kane, Phila Pa; dated October 30, 1854; Great Salt Lake City, U [Utah] Territory

Brigham Young asks his friend Thomas Leiper Kane be the United States' Delegate for the Territory of Utah encouraging Kane to rent or buy a house in Utah and thereby qualifying as a resident. Young ensures Kane that the people will vote as they maybe counseled. References are made to the Pacific Rail Road, President Peirce [sic], Chief Justice Kinney, Judge Shaver, Secretary Babbitt, Judge Styles, Dr. Bernhisel, McGraw & Reeside (mail contractors), Prests. Kimball & Grant, Dr. Richard, Red Neighbors [Indians] and Indian Rubber Boat.
EST: $3,000-4,000

M13: Letter of May 15, 1863 to General Thomas Kane signed by Major General Henry Slocum.
Manuscript M13:  Letter of May 15, 1863 to General Thomas Kane signed by Major General Henry Slocum. Aging of letter in display case was retarded in upper right quadrant by overlying document.

M7.  Manuscript -- 1/6/1855 -- Regarding the Mormons:
To Colonel Thomas L. Kane, autographed letter signed by John M. Bernhisel, [Utah Delegate] Washington, dated January 6, 1855. Bernhisel thanks Kane and wants him to take over his position and offers to resign if Kane would only agree. Two pages plus original franked envelope.

Thomas Kane is revered by the Mormons for single-handedly helping avert a war between the Mormons and the US Government (1857-58). He subsequently aided them in getting government assistance for their westward migration.
EST: $800-1,000

M8.  Manuscript -- 1/3/1858 -- Regarding the Mormons:
Letter and envelope from James Van Dyke, on letterhead of US Attorney's Office, dated January 3, 1858 to John A. Hockaday, U.S. District Attorney, Utah introducing and recommending Thomas Leiper Kane. In 1858 Kane was chosen by Brigham Young to advise him on military affairs, on the strength of this and similar recommendations from such governmental leaders as the US Attorney.

At one point Hockaday, traded in his attorney's role to resume that of mail contractor. He arrived with the first mail under this new arrangement at Camp Scott in May 1858. He was not able to make a go of this contract financially and sold out several years later.

Kane (1822-1883) was a friend of the Mormons for nearly 40 years. He was an influence in President Polk's mustering of the Mormon Battalion in 1846 and while visiting the refugee Mormons along the Missouri River, Kane became deathly ill with pulmonary tuberculosis. He asked for a patriarchal blessing. It was given him by John Smith, uncle of the Prophet John Smith. He had been ordained a patriarch by Joseph Smith shortly before the Prophet's martyrdom. The blessing assured Kane of safety against any enemy. Patriarch Smith said also that "thy name shall be had in honorable remembrance among the Saints to all generations..."
EST: $300-400

M9.  Manuscript -- undated -- Civil War:
Unused, unsigned and without number, General Orders/ Special Orders regarding the warning of a death penalty for stragglers or deserters. "You are commanded to intercept every man trying to make to the rear and to execute every one on the spot -- who is not provided with the Generals' pass or Surgeon's ticket or carried by the members of the Ambulance Corps... These are my orders. Your acts under them are my acts not yours. My conscience is answerable for them: my soul will be rewarded or punished for them. Honor and Duty: the oaths you have taken bind you simply to obey and execute them."
EST: $200-300

M10.  Manuscript -- 10/6/1861 -- Civil War:
Patriotic letter to Col. Kane with franked envelope. One page letter from Elisha Whitelesey (Whittelsey?) Washington, October 6, 1861 to Col. Thomas Leiper Kane, Kane's Rifle Regiment, with Treasury Department envelope stamped "Washington, 1861". Wonderful patriotic letter from the Comptroller's Office.

"I thank you for a copy of your letter to Col. A.I. Wilcon. It breathes the ardent patriotic spirit, that should warm every breast and nerve every arm, and I rejoice to know; that parties are now united, that once formally arrayed in hostility. Such was the case at the west (?), during the war of 1812."
EST: $400-500

M11.  Manuscript -- 9/12/1862 -- Civil War:
Special Orders No. 235, dated Washington, September 12, 1862, to Brigadier General Thomas L. Kane, U.S. Volunteers, assigning him to the Army under Major General McClellan, 1862 and ordering him to report to General Casey for Duty in the Provisional Brigade, by command of Major General Halleck and signed Edward Davis Townsend, Assistant Adjutant General.

Mounted on this document is a clipping from the New-York Daily Tribune dated Wednesday, September 10, 1862 announcing a telegraph report of "Col. T. L. Kane of the Bucktail Rifles (Pa) has been made a Brigadier-General and hope, it is so." ... "He has been in several desperate battles, and his regiment is badly cut up. Slight in frame but heroic in soul, Col. Kane lives but for his country, and will honor any command. We trust there is no mistake about his promotion."
EST: $300-500

M15: Pencil letter on lined paper from Brigadier General Thomas kane to Captain J.H. Elliot, circa Civil War.
Manuscript M15:  Pencil letter on lined paper from Brigadier General Thomas kane to Captain J.H. Elliot, circa Civil War.

M12.  Manuscript -- 5/1/1863 -- Civil War:
General Thomas Leiper Kane receives orders from General [John W.] Geary. Two autographed notes signed on behalf of General Geary by J. W. H. Elliott, attached together into one page, dated May 1, 1863, to General Kane. Written in pencil on the same leaf of paper. This is an excellent example of battlefield instructions.

"Steady you lines -- let your men lie down & wait for orders. You will move in covering the rear, leaving the ground to the pickets."
EST: $500-600

M13.  Manuscript -- 5/15/1863 -- Civil War:
Major General Henry Warner Slocum signed letter, 1 1/2 pages, Headquarters, Army of the Potomac (on letterhead), dated 15 May 1863 advises General Thomas L. Kane regarding charges Kane proposes against Gen. John W. Geary.

Written on the letterhead of the Twelfth Corp D'Armee, General Slocum assures General Kane that he will trust in his colleague's judgment as to whether charges should be brought against General Geary. Slocum also praises Thomas L. Kane's patriotism and personal bravery.

"At to the matter with Gen. Geary, I do not wish to offer advice. If you deem it, your duty to prefer charges against him, I think I can safely assure you that a full investigation shall be made. In this you must be guided by your judgement."
EST: $500-600

M14.  Manuscript -- 5/25/1862 -- Civil War:
Letter apparently to Colonel Thomas L. Kane from Captain L. W. Gifford, Camp near Falmouth, May 25/62, on partial page. As a personal favor, Gifford asks for an update on troop movements "as I wish to be with you. I am gaining fast." The post script reads "The glorious news which was communicated to me this morning revives me very much (God speed the night)".
EST: $200-300

M15.  Manuscript -- undated -- Civil War:
One page, lined paper, pencil letter from Brigadier General Thomas Leiper Kane to Captain J. H Elliott. Prime example of battlefield memorandum between two military leaders. Kane writes "After repulsing the enemy's heavy charge so triumphantly, I think it is a good time to relieve my Brigade for half an hour". He laments that they have sent "me two raw regiments; they can not hold this position assigned them." Verso it says: "Brig. Gen. Geary", 2nd line says "General" as if Kane was starting to write a letter to Geary.
EST: $200-300

Miscellaneous items:

M16.  Group of four 3-inch embossed State of Pennsylvania seals, cut from registered documents with red, blue and/or white crossed ribbons, still attached to original paper. Contains two gold, one blue and one red seal. Overall condition is good.

M17.  Envelope, stamped April 28, 1942 to Mrs. E. K. Kane, Kane Manor, Kane, Penna, U.S.A. from Lt. Col. E. K. Kane, with notation "Officer's Mail, Censored", mailed U.S. military, with many Austrian postage stamps. Good condition.

M18.  Assortment 20th century script (money), mostly Japanese, Figi, etc. Poor to excellent condition.

M19.  Three broken bank notes, three pieces of script, all mounted on cardstock. Poor condition.

M20.  Photograph of battle between U.S. Frigate Constellation and the French Frigate La Vengeance. Verso: Peter A. July & Son, photographer of fine arts since 1896, NYC. 13 5/8 x 5 1/4. Plus card by "Sashy" Kane. Photo in fair condition; card stained.

M21.  Remnant, probably 18th century, ink has disintegrated the paper in places. 4 3/4 x 7 1/2

Note:  We have tried to list the manuscripts as accurately as possible. However, comments or descriptions may be announced prior to the sale and they will take precedence over the information posted here. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any description or transcription.

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