The Endless Summer

Artist: Joel Otterson
Title:  The Endless Summer
Date:  1995
Media: 3M vinyl graphics on 1985 Chrysler LeBaron convertible
Size:  54" x 173" x 72"

The vehicle was Larry Aldrich's personal car.

Its decoration was commissioned by The Aldrich Museum for the 1995 exhibition Living With Contemporary Art. In this exhibition eleven contemporary artists were invited to created new work for the homes of eleven local residents. The people chosen to participate were a cross-section of the population near the Museum: families, retired people, young singles, etc. Each of them was paired with an artist who created new work that they had to live with for the three month duration of the exhibition. Besides the work in people's homes, each artist had corresponding work at the Museum. During the course of the show the participating homes were open for house tours on selected weekends.

The idea of having Mr. Aldrich participate grew out of the wish of Joel Otterson to create a customized car for someone in the Museum's community -- someone who normally wouldn't be caught dead driving a customized car. Even though Larry Aldrich was adventuresome when it came to contemporary art, he was not the sort of person given to appreciate auto customizing. After long discussions, Otterson convinced Mr. Aldrich to let the artist create a radical surface treatment for his Chrysler LeBaron. The images on the car are of the artist's garden in Coventry, Kentucky.

Mr. Aldrich, in the last years of his life, often referred to the vehicle as "my pretty car." He drove it regularly on weekends when he was in Ridgefield.