Bob & Sallie Connelly:  Absentee and Phone Bid Form

Absentee and Phone Bids must be received by 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) of the day before the auction -- even if it is conducted simultaneously on premises and on the Internet.

Please complete the form in full.  If needed, submit another form for additional bids. You may phone in the information to 607-722-9593 or fax it to 607-722-1266. (For easy printing, use the PDF format of this form.)

Auction Name:

Please Indicate:   Absentee Bid    Phone Bid (req'd)
If this is a Phone Bid, may we execute it as an Absentee Bid if we can't connect by telephone?   Yes   No

If you are a phone bidder we will call you during the auction (if possible).

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Pick-Up/Delivery Arrangements:

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This form is not secure. You may prefer to provide your credit card information by phone, fax, or piecemeal in several emails.

Alternate Payment Arrangements:

New York State Tax:  By law, we collect combined New York State and local sales tax of 8% on all items delivered in New York unless you provide us with a valid NYS Tax Exemption/Resale Certificate. A copy of the Resale form is available here. We do not collect tax on items shipped to an out of state buyer by a qualified carrier.

Tax Status:   Taxable   Certificate on file   Certificate Submitted Today   Out of State
If you are an exempt NYS bidder, please provide your NYS Tax ID Number:

If submitting a certificate for the first time, please send it by fax or mail (number and address below) to arrive by 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on the day before the auction.

1.  If this is a Phone Bid and you want it executed as an Absentee Bid in case we can't connect by telephone, please fill in the bid amounts.
2.  If bidding on an item without an assigned lot number, please give a detailed description.

Lot #DescriptionYour Bid (USD)

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